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Panda packs another punch!

Since it was first introduced in February of 2011, the Panda update to Google’s algorithm has sought to make search results more relevant to EXACTLY what users are looking for, rather than web masters and business owners telling search engines what they should rank for. This has always been the case, and Panda sees the evolution of this process for Google. Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, tweeted yesterday: Continue reading

Is your website optimised for use on today’s mobile devices?

Here at USdigital we see a huge number of websites that are not built with mobile devices in mind. In many cases a quick snoop into the Google Analytics of a particular website can give a good indication into what proportion of users are viewing a website on an unsupported mobile device – often the figures are alarming.

It can be extremely frustrating to mobile & tablet users when a website is not optimised as it becomes difficult to navigate, time consuming to browse and ultimately they may end up taking their business elsewhere. Continue reading

Ready, Steady, BLACK!

We may have all logged online today to see the digital world full of references to ‘Black Friday’, a term originating from the USA referring to the Friday following Thanksgiving. The term has become more of an event because generally, this is when Christmas shopping and preparation begins. People in the USA continue to enjoy their holiday season as there are five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. While we do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK, our Christmas shopping and preparations share the same trend, and today is when it will really get going. Continue reading

Is this the biggest Google update of the last three years?

We have all by now seen news of Google’s search algorithm revamp, in what has been described by many as its biggest update in three years. The official announcement was made on Thursday 26th September. This is thought to be the culmination of 15 years of work and the technical advances to the core algorithm will continue to keep search results relevant. The changes were announced along with an updated version of the Google Search app on iOS, which is “coming soon”. Continue reading

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