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Enhanced Campaigns: are we ready?

The introduction of the ‘Enhanced Campaigns’ within the Google Adwords programme is one of the more substantial changes in its history. The migration will be complete on the 22nd July so we now have limited time to figure out what works and how to get the most out of this new format before this deadline. We are going to be able to create more effective bid adjustments to really reflect the strengths of the campaign so here are a couple of pointers to start us off. Continue reading

Online advertising weathering the recession

Unfortunately in these times, one of the cut backs companies make is on their advertising spend. Traditional advertising through newspapers, magazines, TV and radio are all seeing a reduction in spend, with things only picking up slightly into 2010.

But online advertising is actually on the increase, with figures for 2009 expected to be between 8% and 10% in positive growth.

One of the benefits of online advertising is its pay-as-you-go approach.
With Google adwords, setting daily limits to your click-throughs, and also having the ability to pause or pull the plug in an instant allows for careful spending.
With traditional advertising, much larger fees need to be called on in one, pre-campaign, lump sum.

Another positive to online advertising is the ability to track where click-throughs have come from, using something like Google Analytics. Understanding exactly who your customerbase is key to your success as a business.

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