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Guide On SEO-Friendly Web Design

SEO is a digital lucky cat bringing success and profit to business

It isn’t surprising to see the internet has become the main platform for many companies considering its high accessibility. Once it happened, SEO turned into an undeniably important part of digital business success. SEO transformed into a digital version of Maneki-Neko, a Japanese figurine which brings good luck and profit to its owner. 

So, if you’re interested in reaping some online business benefits, you’ll find our guide on SEO-friendly web design invaluable.

SEO For Business – The Best Way To Attract New Clients


SEO For Companies


If you are wondering how to attract new customers to your business then we have an answer for you. Reaching potential customers is easy with Search Engine Optimisation! In the modern world, with so much competition presented on the market, it’s important to stand out. SEO is a marvellous marketing tool for this as it enables you to stand alongside big-budget brands. Generally speaking, good SEO does miracles: it can significantly expand your client base avoiding budget-damaging decisions. Let’s immerse a bit deeper into why SEO is such a splendid marketing option for big and small companies and what tips can make SEO work in your business field.

 Google Algorithm Update June 2022

According to Semrush Sensor, it’s been an intense month so far with the volatility above the medium on most days. The lowest volatility score it’s had is 4.6 which is still quite high in comparison with the previous statistics. The highest it’s reached is 9.3, right after the announced big Google algorithm update in May 2022.

Performance Max – New Future of Smart Shopping & Local Campaigns

Google is upgrading Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns. Now, with an easy one-click tool, you can change them to Performance Max versions, one by one or all at once. If you leave them as they are, then they will be upgraded automatically before September 2022.

Accordingly, Performance Max will be the only option for business companies, running Shopping and Local Campaigns.

In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons Google is replacing Smart Shopping and Local Campaigns with Performance Max and what the last can bring into the world of Google advertising.