Google Algorithm Update February 2019

Google Algorithm Update February 2019

There appears to be chatter of a potential February Google Algorithm Update in the SEO world in 2019. The signs also support this. Our trusted sensor over at SEMrush is showing us a score of 7.6/10 for Thursday 7th February in the UK. This also appears to be consistent throughout various other locations in Europe. As the past few weeks have been rather quiet relatively speaking it will be interesting to note the consequences of this latest update. Google frequently tells us to focus on the quality of content. The importance of content marketing can not be underestimated. As Google rarely informs us of any incoming updates it is crucial we ensure our content is of a high quality and give no reasons to be penalized.

From our perspective we are experiencing positive keyword shifts across the board. Of course this is only early days but the signs are encouraging. The effects upon traffic are yet to fully show, but once the rankings settle down this will become more clear.

Google Algorithm Update 12th February 2019

There appears to be further movement from Google with regards to Google Algorithm Updates for February 2019. SEMrush is showing us a score of 6.5 for desktop versions for the US. This is also evident throughout Europe with highs such as 8.6 for the UK. We will continue to monitor this potential update and any impact this may have upon rankings and traffic. Our rankings appear to be shifting significantly but these are mainly positive.There has been no significant impact upon current organic traffic levels as we stand but of course this can easily change.

February Google Algorithm Update 2019 – What does this mean for me?

As with past updates, they are introduced to reduce the amount of poor quality content ranking on Google. Sites with poor, thin or duplicate content are a particular target. Our recommendation is to continue improving the content on your site. Regular, refreshed content that is both useful and insightful will only help. Quantity does not always matter, focus on the quality.

The world of SEO is constantly evolving and this is no different for 2019. With the increased emphasis on optimising for mobile it has never been more important to keep up with industry news. This is highlighted by Google recently making its shift to mobile-first indexing and encouraging webmasters to have fully responsive sites for mobile. We will continue to monitor this current update and inform you of any further changes. If you have experienced any significant impact do let us know!