Google Algorithm Update July 2019

We are seeing potential signs of an incoming Google algorithm update for July 2019. Up to this point July has been a relatively quiet month in terms of Google activity. Although they are constantly bringing out various updates these are not always centred around core algorithm updates and will usually have no impact upon us individually.

However, our trusted keyword movement sensor SEMrush is showing extremely high scores throughout the US. On a desktop viewport we are seeing a score of 8.7/10, while on mobile this is even higher with a score of 9.0/10. As it currently stands we are seeing little movement in the UK with scores of 4.7 and 5.4 for desktop and mobile view ports respectively. Here at USDigital we are based in the UK and as it currently stands we are seeing minimal keyword movement or traffic fluctuations. Are the fluctuations seen in the US a sign of potential movement coming our way in the UK? We will continue to monitor various sensors and provide ongoing updates.

What Do Google Algorithm Updates Mean For Me?

It is always useful to keep an eye on keyword movements sensors such as SEMrush. Google is ever evolving and their complicated ranking algorithms are no different. As the web evolves so must Google to stay up to date with industry trends and updates and ensure that ranking pages are reflective of today’s society and search trends. Previous core updates have had massive impacts upon ranking factors such as backlink profiles and quality of content so it is crucial we are always aware of industry changes. As Google is always evolving this is even more imperative. They are massive advocates of White-hat SEO techniques such as strong but clean backlink profiles, high quality content, mobile responsive sites and sites that are optimised for speed and provide an excellent user experience. As mentioned these are reflective of today’s society and its increased mobile usage. Web results are beginning to reflect this. If you continue to produce great content that provides a great user experience your pages will be picked up!