Google Algorithm Update May 2019

Google Algorithm Update May 2019

It may only be the start of May but we are already seeing signs of a potential Google algorithm update. Various tracking sensors have been picking up fluctuations and movements over the 1st and 2nd of May.

SEMrush has recorded scores of 5.8 for consecutive days in the United Kingdom on a mobile viewport. This also appears to be consistent throughout various European locations. With the various problems Google has faced throughout April with regards to indexing and Google Search Console errors it is certainly never a slow day at the office from an SEO perspective!

Potential Algorithm Movements May 22nd

We have also seen potential Google algorithm movements being reported throughout the 22nd of May 2019. Scores of 7.8 and 5.6 have been reported on consecutive days in the UK for desktop viewports. As it stands we are seeing little impact upon rankings and traffic but there does appear to be some low level chatter throughout the SEO community. We will continue to monitor this and inform you of any movements. As 100s of updates are introduced every year it is likely we see some form of movement each day, but the impacts of these are often negligible and can be specific to individual niches. As ever, focus on the quality of your content!

Potential Google Algorithm Updates May 2019 – What Does This Mean For Me?

Throughout April there were continuous signs of fluctuations. However, there has been widespread speculation as to whether this was a minor algorithm update or tremors being felt from the indexing debacle. As pages dropped out of search result pages it is natural to expect keyword and ranking fluctuations which set off these tracking tools. General consensus seems to agree with this. Thankfully our rankings and traffic stayed largely the same, even despite the Easter bank holiday!

It has since been confirmed that the indexing issue has been resolved. There are still however ongoing problems with Google Search Console. This highlights the importance of never being too reliant on them. Driving in organic traffic is a fantastic source of traffic and does tend to bring in a higher quality of user. However, placing your eggs in one basket can be a risky strategy. It is advisable to employ a well-rounded marketing strategy that encompasses a wide range of marketing techniques. These can include paid advertising, social media marketing and email marketing as well as the traditional organic route. Other marketing channels such as effective business signage also provide a unique opportunity to drive in that extra traffic and revenue.

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