Google’s Recent Algorithm Updates (Sep 11th 2018)

Google’s recent algorithm updates (Sep 11th)

As we know every year Google makes hundreds of updates to their search algorithm, constantly changing their ranking factors. No SEO or Digital Marketer will ever be able to predict these updates they occur that often. What marketers do like to do though is follow tremors and chatter throughout the SEO/keyword world and try pre-empt these changes. Generally these algorithm updates are only minor and tend not to effect search results all too heavily. However, every so often Google will reel out a big algorithm update and the effects to search results can be long lasting and profound.

It is interesting to note that throughout the keyword world there has been tremors and chatter of an algorithm update as of 11th September 2018. While it is still unknown generally how these changes are likely to affect search results, some sites have seen significant fluctuations in site traffic, some good some bad. There are many tools available on the net that allow you to track these fluctuations and not all tracking pages showed particularly large fluctuations in SERP results. Interestingly however SEMrush posted a score of 9.2/10 for September 11th which is an exceptionally high score.

As stated above we tend to be unsure as to how this algorithm update is likely to affect future keyword and SERP results. The high volatility of said date and seismic changes for September 11th indicate Google is likely to have introduced a ‘silent’ update and as such are unlikely to give an official comment highlighting any changes. One thing we can learn though is the world of SEO and keywords is constantly growing and evolving and it is essential to remain up to date with current events and news if you wish to be an effective digital marketer.