PPC Display Advertising Campaigns

PPC Display Advertising Campaigns

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What Is Meant by Display Advertising?

Display advertising in a PPC sense is often described as remarketing. It effectively allows you to display ads to users based on the content of a website (contextual advertising) or based upon search patterns. Advertisers are allowed to tailor their ads to a user’s needs. This can be extremely useful when you wish to bring a consumer back if they have not completed a desired transaction. If the user left a site at a certain point in the transaction you can remarket this good or service back to them.

Display advertising can also be extremely useful should you wish to upsell goods to them. If a user has just booked a holiday you can advertise other goods to the consumer. Do they require travel insurance, car rental, arrangement of a transfer, the possibilities are endless! Research into the display advertising world has shown a user is 70% more likely to convert when remarketed properly. Display ads receive a lot more exposure to users as they have more opportunity to be shown. Therefore an effective display advertising campaign can be crucial in remarketing and increased the number of desired conversions a site will achieve.

What Does Display Advertising Consist Of?

There are wide ranging benefits to an effective display campaign:

Brand awareness – the awareness of one’s brand is likely to be significantly boosted if the display campaign is effective. Ads are displayed to those consumers much more likely to actually want the product
Retargeting – when a user has viewed a page and started the conversion process it allows you as the advertiser to remarket the good to them
Brand exposure – display advertising allows ads to be shown to the desired audience and also increased visibility of the brand. The brand is being exposed to users who may not have even been aware they were interested

Display advertising in PPC can be extremely useful in boosting your conversion rates and also boosting a brands exposure and awareness. Run alongside an effective SEO campaign and search advertising it can be a game changer.



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