PPC Search Advertising

PPC Search Advertising

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What Is Meant by PPC Search Advertising?

Search advertising in seen as more of a budget option when it comes to marketing. An ad is effectively shown as soon as the exact keyword or phrase is searched for in a search engine. It allows you to control who is exposed to the ad and provides almost instant results. They are usually shown as the top few search results in an SERP and also sometimes shown at the bottom of the page. An easy way to distinguish whether it is a paid ad is if there is a small green ‘ad’ symbol next to the text.

The placement of an ad is based upon its Ad Rank. This allows a bidding process that takes into account the quality of the keyword, quality of the ad copy, quality of the landing page and relevance of the ad itself. This then takes into account the quality of the advertisement and not necessarily the highest bidder, allowing a fairer bidding system.

What Does PPC Search Advertising Consist Of?

There are many benefits to advertising on the search network:

  • Quality leads – the users that are exposed to your ad have actively searched for the product themselves and boost the chances of a conversion
  • Measureable data – via your AdWords account you can actively track the effectiveness of your campaign and the quality of your chosen keywords or phrases
  • Budget option – as there is only exposure when the keyword or phrase is actively searched for it can be a budget friendly option. There will be less exposure but content is displayed to users who are looking for your service

Advertising upon the search network via PPC can be a budget friendly option when it comes to trying to boost conversion rates. It drives in traffic of those actively searching for your keyword. Run alongside an effective display advertising and SEO campaign you are likely to see a significant boost in conversions and rankings.

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