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Local SEO

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What Is Meant by Local SEO?

For certain local industries and firms it can be important to advertise in that immediate area. For example should you own a shoe shop based in Leicester that does not deliver it would be absolutely pointless advertising in Manchester! Your time and money would be better spent advertising in the local area, say within a 20 mile radius. This is where local SEO comes in. This form of marketing allows you to advertise close to where you are based. It allows you to attract far more relevant customers to your site and in turn an increase in leads and conversions. It can also drive an increase in physical footfall.

Google My Business (GMB) is a scheme run by Google (you guessed it) that allows you to show important information about your business on Google maps and search. You can add a variety of information, things such as business name, opening hours and location are commonplace. This is significant for local SEO as it effectively allows you to hone your advertising to those in the local area that are more likely to use your facilities and products.

What Does Local SEO Consist Of?

Local SEO tends to revolve around GMB and there are a few practices that can be implemented to really boost your local SEO presence:

  • Optimisation of your GMB account – ensure you are attracting the correct customers with proper advertising
  • Localised link building and PR campaigns – get your name recognised in the surrounding areas
  • On-page/off-page/technical SEO – optimise sites so your local SEO campaign is effectively managed and maintained

If you provide a localised service an effective local SEO campaign should be run to really boost a sites chance of ranking and increase visibility. Like all forms of SEO though it should also be simultaneously with other forms of marketing such as on-page and off-page to really see a significant boost in a sites authority.

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