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Off Page SEO

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What Is Meant by Off Page SEO?

When we talk about off-page SEO it refers to actions taken outside of your website to boost your ranking and visibility within search engine response pages. The aim is to improve the appearance and perception of your own site by showing your site is full of trustworthy, credible, authoritative content. You can accomplish this by receiving inbound links from other sites that have great authority, they effectively vouch for your content.

Although Google constantly updates its algorithms and what affects a sites ranking, the general consensus is that the credibility of a site still plays a massive role in a pages ability to rank. It is all about boosting your backlink profile. Search engines see credible backlinks as an indication of the quality of your content, if there are two sites publishing the exact same content but one has a far greater backlink profile that website will be ranking higher.

What Does Off Page SEO Consist Of?

When we consider off-page SEO there are three general types:

  • Natural links – these are links that are created to your site without you taking any action. This can be a good indication of the quality of your content
  • Built links – these types of links are built through link-building activities. Popular forms can be guest blogging on other sites, asking sites to share your content or link sharing activities
  • Self-created links – these types of links are generally frowned upon a bit more. Sharing your links in the form of anchor text on social media posts, blogs, forums and directories can get you in trouble

Off-page SEO is crucial in a marketing campaign to boost the credibility of your site. It is also important to ensure this form of optimisation is implemented alongside other forms of marketing such as on-page and technical SEO to truly boost your rankings.


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