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On Page SEO

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What Is Meant by On Page SEO?

There are many different aspects to digital marketing or to be more specific in this context Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). When we talk about on-page SEO we effectively mean what we can do on the website itself to boost ranking and visibility. The aim is to optimise the content that the users will see. Does your site contain pages that have clean, concise, informative content that is easy on the eye and serves its purpose?

A large part of helping a site to rank revolves around keyword research and how we can optimise your content to match search terms. The aim is to provide a service that consumers are searching for.  There are a wide range of tactics that can boost an on-page SEO presence but they generally involve optimising the on screen content and HTML source code of the page. While the content must be helpful to the user it must also be structurally sound to appeal to the search engines.

What Does On Page SEO Consist Of?

On-page SEO may vary between different sites but there are a few general rules of thumb:

  • Keywords – ensure your keywords are included in alt tags, meta descriptions, title tags, URLs, header tags and the text itself
  • Internal linking – think of your website as a spiders web with your homepage as the centre, as it expands you want pages to be linking to one another and grow
  • Content marketing – ensure the content you are publishing is of a high quality, no one wants to read gibberish!
  • The speed of your site – if your page loading times increases from 1 to 5 seconds the bounce rate can increase by 90%
  • Mobile/tablet responsiveness – you need a website to not only work on a desktop computer but also mobile phones and tablets

If you successfully incorporate these tactics into your marketing campaign you will see a boost in your sites rankings and visibility. It is important to use on-page SEO alongside other forms of optimisation such as off-page and technical SEO to truly boost a websites authority.


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