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What Is Meant by Remarketing?

When we talk about remarketing in a pay-per-click (PPC) context, it is about marketing your product or service to customers who have already viewed your site. This is achieved by cookies, placing code in your site pages to track a customer’s behaviour when visiting a site. You can then set up ads designed to tempt these customers back in. An effective example of how this form of marketing works is if you owned a shoe store and a user viewed a pair of shoes but did not convert. The cookie placed allows you to set up ads to appear to this user throughout other sites and encourage them to return and complete their conversion.

It is an effective component of PPC campaigns and when employed successfully a useful tool. The aim is to find those people that have shown an interest in your product but not completed the conversion. Generally these individuals are far more likely to convert compared to brand new users to your site. You must find the right balance though, too many ads to an individual will annoy them and they may be dissuaded from returning to the site. Similarly, too few ads and it may not receive enough expose, reducing traffic as it is effectively not seen.

What Does Remarketing Consist Of?

There are five different types of remarketing:

·         Standard remarketing – this form of remarketing is where you show ads to previous visitors who left the site. These ads will appear on Google Display Network apps and on social media

·         Dynamic remarketing – this form of advertising is where you display ads to visitors that are directly suited to them. Examples could be displaying an item of clothing to a visitor that they previously viewed

·         Remarketing lists for search ads – this allows you to customise ad campaigns for visitors who have visited your site in the past. This can be useful if a user exits your site and then uses Google to search for the same item

·         Video remarketing – this shows video ads to users who have recently viewed one of your videos or visited your site

·         Email remarketing – this allows you to email visitors who have left your site trying to entice them to come back and complete the conversion. It can also show ads to users who have opened emails from you

PPC campaigns can be extremely useful should you wish to drive more traffic to your site and in turn boost conversions. If you wish to entice previous users and those who have not completed their conversions then remarketing can be an extremely handy tool. Get in contact with us here at US Digital to find out what remarketing PPC we can do for you.

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