Technical SEO

Technical SEO

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What Is Meant by Technical SEO?

Technical SEO can be thought of as the actions taken outside of the content to boost a sites ranking and visibility. It is important your site has a strong foundation in which to thrive in the future. While on-page and off-page SEO tends to get the main headlines it can be quite easy to under-appreciate the significance of technical SEO. However, without a thorough and well run technical SEO foundation a site will struggle to rank effectively and cause issues in the long run.

Search engines play a massive role in SEO and how a site will rank, technical optimisation allows a search engine to effectively crawl through a site. This is important as it allows the search engine to index the content on the site, considering any new, updated or deleted content and process it quicker and more efficiently.  It allows the elimination of technical issues to let your site run smoother and more efficiently. When we consider technical SEO in its entirety there can be many issues that can affect how a site runs.

What Does Technical SEO Consist Of?

There are however a few general issues that can be easily diagnosed:

  • Site speed – users hate content that takes an age to load, the quicker the site the lower your bounce rate and the happier the user!
  • Duplicated copy – Google tends to penalise pages that contain the same copy. Create fresh, compelling original work!
  • Sitemaps – these help search engines be far more effective when crawling and indexing your site. Properly created XML sitemaps make crawling far more effective and efficient

Like all forms of optimisation, when correctly implemented you will see a boost in your sites ranking and visibility. It is also advisable that a technical SEO strategy is implemented alongside other forms of marketing such as on-page and off-page SEO to truly see a significant boost in rankings.


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