Google Algorithm Update October 2019

After the furore that surrounded the release of the September Core Update, are we seeing further signs of a Google algorithm update carrying on into October 2019? Google did after all indicate that the core update would take a few days to be fully rolled out. Is it possible we are seeing a continuation of this? It may only be the 3rd of October but we are seeing initial signs of a potential shake up in the result pages. SEMrush has thrown up a score of 5.3/10 on a desktop viewport throughout the United Kingdom. This climbs up to 5.5/10 on a mobile viewport. This appears to be constant throughout Europe with scores as high as 5.4/10 (Germany) and 6.5/10 (Spain) recorded.

The Importance Of Backlinks In SEO

For your site to rank effectively, you must encompass a wide array of digital marketing techniques. Factors such as the quality of your content, effective on-page optimisation and many technical SEO aspects are crucial in rankings. Additionally, an old classic that is also still as important today as it was in the early days of SEO is your backlink profile. However, what do we mean when we refer to backlinks and what are the importance of these? Here at USDigital we have compiled a guide for you on backlinks and their importance in the world of SEO.

Google Algorithm Update September 2019

September 2019 has been relatively quiet for SERP volatility but as of 18/09/2019 we may be seeing a bit of a shakeup. SEMrush has this morning recorded a score of 6.1 throughout the United Kingdom on a desktop viewport.

Google Algorithm Update July 2019

We are seeing potential signs of an incoming Google algorithm update for July 2019. Up to this point July has been a relatively quiet month in terms of Google activity. Although they are constantly bringing out various updates these are not always centred around core algorithm updates and will usually have no impact upon us individually.

What Are HTML Title Tags in SEO?

There are many factors important in allowing sites to rank effectively. Quality of content, user signals and backlink profiles are just some of these factors. However, a major ranking factor that can often be overlooked is the HTML title tag. When implemented correctly they drive in extra traffic and alongside other HTML tags such as meta descriptions can drive other behaviour metrics such as click-through rates. Understanding what title tags actually are and the SEO best practice for using these can pose problems. That is why we have compiled a brief guide on what title tags are and the benefits these can provide for you.

Google Algorithm Update June 2019

As ever there are big movements in the SEO world. Announced by Google on June 2nd, there has been a roll out of a core Google algorithm update for June 2019. This process took several days to fully roll out but is now complete. What makes this update interesting is the fact Google pre-announced it. As we know they are usually very quiet on any potential update and very rarely do they pre-announce it. This has been confirmed as a core update to the search ranking algorithms.

Why JavaScript Is a Fundamental Part of SEO

I started out in the SEO world back in 2007, wow, that was 12 years ago!?

Back then things were a lot easier, a lot more simple. Websites in particular were coded in HTML and CSS, and really that was all an SEO would need to learn.

In 2019 websites have moved into the modern era and with more websites using interactive features, the need for JavaScript has soared. It’s not just used by Developers anymore, SEO’s need to also embrace it and move with the times.

Google Algorithm Update May 2019

It may only be the start of May but we are already seeing signs of a potential Google algorithm update. Various tracking sensors have been picking up fluctuations and movements over the 1st and 2nd of May.